Sunday, June 1, 2008

Richard Devine - Asect:Dsect

From Boomkat:
"Building on the blueprint intricacies of 'Lip Switch' and 'Aleamapper', 'Asect:Desect' finds the crunch and funk in more mangled effect shot through heavily rhythmic max'd up workouts wrapping deep blue cloaked harmonics amongst whirling torrents of phased pitches and tough beats. Check the grimy hip hop tempoed 'Dansk Rap' leading the way before the bomb dancefloor killer 'Floccus' drops the beat-wreckage. Elsewhere 'Rusx Fee' kicks out the noisecore blasts that would scare even Aaron Funk. Finally you get the driftsome 'Randale' providing the closing call. Thirteen tracks of widescreen, 3D, full frequency range i-dee-m-shizz - big recommendation."

Artist: Richard Devine
Album: Asect:Dsect
Label: Schematic
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: Oct 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, IDM, Abstract

01 W | -Carp- (4:04)
02 Dansk Rap (2:47)
03 Floccus (6:33)
04 Corina Chirac (5:48)
05 Klockner (4:24)
06 Flask (1:21)
07 Itsuko (6:35)
08 Let Mendax (4:04)
09 Vo Stream Bas (5:18)
10 Rusx Fee (7:03)
11 Halicrafter (4:30)
12 Captract (7:33)
13 Randale (5:45)


Richard Devine - Asect:Dsect (Rapidshare Link)

Richard Devine - Asect:Dsect (Mediafire Link)

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