Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food For Animals - Belly

Belly may be a weird and noisy hip-hop album, but it's still a hip-hop album, and by that measure it's more 3 Feet High and Rising than Death Certificate. Food for Animals bring the noise, but they don't want to bludgeon you with it. On Belly, they drop some incomprehensible beats, make sounds that recall a box of light bulbs rolling down a flight of stairs, and put down some pretty heavy lyrics-- the name is after all a reference to the belly of the beast, to being pulverized and digested-- but it's not a some head-grinding avant-deathtrip. "I get nice and fuzzy with my buddies cause they funny and I love y'all/ We chuckling and coughing and laugh for no reason while we talkin'," raps Vulture on "Swampy (Summer Jam)", a song that's as much about healing as it is about murky underpants. Belly may be all about getting turned upside down and inside out, but when it's over, all that tumult will leave you feeling pretty good. - Pitchfork

Artist: Food For Animals

Album: Belly
Label: Hoss Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental Hip Hop, Glitch, Noise

Food For Animals - Belly

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