Sunday, June 1, 2008

Richard Devine - Aleamapper

From Boomkat:
"Devine's lipswitch' (on warp in europe), was intended to be a full length project, but ended up being trimmed down to the essential rhythmic core. What was left over is the heart of 'aleamapper'. The re-assembled result is not unlike a film score, and devine guides the music in the style of cinema's great directors, the 16 tracks appearing as a series of varying scenes that add up to a 64 minute whole suggesting an overall widescreen experience. Those pointing to a lack of musicality in modern electronics will be please with 'aleamapper', devine's new compounds of sound being wide open for aural exploration, his subliminal details freely accompanying and frequently saturating the remaining spaces. If the first movies were silent visual films, perhaps the most modern are blind audible experiences. Check."

Artist: Richard Devine
Album: Aleamapper
Label: Schematic
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: US
Released: Dec 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Experimental

1 Insil Segment (2:09)
2 Vecpr (5:02)
3 Foci Duplication (7:18)
4 Partition Refinement (4:20)
5 Step Focus (2:22)
6 Freeze Fracture (4:55)
7 Model (3:10)
8 Cr Scope (2:22)
9 Dock Inversion (4:23)
10 Float 82 (5:35)
11 Horizontal Deflection Plate (1:34)
12 Veolic Revolving (4:19)
13 Retrace Feeder (0:53)
14 Error Trapping (5:47)
15 Mtr Method (1:53)
16 Carry Completion Sensing (3:55)


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