Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit of the Sun

Artist: Kyoto Jazz Massive
Album: Spirit of the Sun
Label: Compost Records
Format: LP
Country: Japan
Released: 2002
Genre: Jazz
Style: Jazz, Acid Jazz, Downtempo,

Track listing:
1. Dawn Introduction - Vanessa Freeman, Kyoto Jazz Massive
2. Brightness of These Days - Vanessa Freeman, Kyoto Jazz Massive
3. Mind Expansions - Maiya James, Kyoto Jazz Massive
4. Deep in Your Mind - Victor Davies, Kyoto Jazz Massive
5. Stargazer
6. Eclipse
7. Between the Lights
8. Shine - Guida de Palma, Chris Franck, , Kyoto Jazz Massive
9. Substream
10. Behind the Shadow
11. M.E. Outroduction

Taken from Compost Records Official Website:

"One may wonder what took them so long to come along with their debut longplayer since they have been active in both national and international Jazz-scene for all this time. Precisely, Kyoto Jazz Massive, a unit of two DJ and producer brothers – Shuya Okino & Yoshihiro Okino – produced their first self-titled compilation album in 1994 released by For Life Records, Japan (and in 1999 by 99 Records, Germany.) Up to this day, they have produced and worked on five singles (including Nacel Do Sol, Eclipse and Substream) four compilation albums, and 13 remix works. The timing of the release debut, however, is rather a legitimate progress for the brothers. Undoubtedly "Spirit of the Sun" celebrates marking point of their career accomplishments and sets off the beginning of their new musical journey."

This is an impressive album to chill with in a rainy afternoon. It's an absorbing listen, with a lot of deep sentiment and power. Download the album if you want a good sunday afternoon album to drink coffee or tea and listen to the rain crashing in the concrete.

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit of the Sun

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