Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Clouddead has a hard-to-classify sound; if you described it as "lo-fi ambient spoken word meets surreal hip-hop with an indie rock bent," you'd be leaving a lot out. The CD compiles previously released 10-inches created by producer Odd Nosdam and MCs Dose One and Why? and members of the Anticon, the West Coast hip-hop collective. The MCs rap, recite, and sing words that make Beck's lyrics sound tame and fussy by comparison. Their declamation can be goofy, swaggering, funny, swinging, nasal--you name it. This extremely open-ended and varied use of language recalls the work of the sonically inclined poet Edwin Torres. Sometimes the language on this disc can be almost inaudible; then it's just another element in Nosdam's lovely and murky music. Albums this odd often confuse people. Also, like this one, they can be extremely compelling.

Label: Bigda
Format: LP
Country: USA
Released: April 24, 2001
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Lo Fi, Experimental, Hip Hop, Rap, Ambient

1. Apt. A, Pt. 1
2. Apt. A, Pt. 2
3. And All You Can Do Is Laugh, Pt. 1
4. And All You Can Do Is Laugh, Pt. 2
5. I Promise Never to Get Paint on My Glasses, Pt. 1
6. I Promise Never to Get Paint on My Glasses, Pt. 2
7. Jimmybreeze, Pt. 1
8. Jimmybreeze, Pt. 2
9. (Cloud Dead #5), Pt. 1
10. (Cloud Dead #5), Pt. 2
11. Bike, Pt. 1
12. Bike, Pt. 2


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