Sunday, May 25, 2008

CoH - Mask of Birth

This album was originaly released as a vinyl for Raster-Noton, so that should say a lot already.
Then remastered to digital format by Austria's Mego label.
CoH also known as Ivan Pavlov is a russian electronic musician that lives and works in Sweden. However, his cultural roots are in his mother country, and he seems to be more a rapport to the Russian avant-garde rather than to the Western rock-pop tradition.
As one of his early works (mask of birth), this one is actually inspired by the 70's and early 80's dance music, but don't get fooled, as this album actually works on that microscopic, Raster-Notonish level.
As stated on the cover, it is "new disco for the new human".

Artist: CoH
Album: Mask of Birth
Label: Mego
Format: CD
Country: Austria
Released: Aug 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Abstract, Minimal

1- Suppernature (6:26)
2- Hurt Later (5:33)
3- Gearin 2 (7:09)
4- Terra Beyond (Terra) (5:39)
5- Utopia - Me Too (4:52)
6- Seven (7:02)
7- Boog (5:16)
8- Isb: No Balance (0:23)
9- Isb: Part 2 (6:39)
10- Komputer Trilogik fur Or (5:15)
11- Waltz Nuevo No. 1 (4:10)


CoH - Mask of Birth (Rapidshare Link)

CoH - Mask of Birth (Mediafire Link)

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