Saturday, July 12, 2008

Voice Crack - Below Beyond and Above

Voice Crack is the duo of Swiss musicians Andy Guhl (percussion and bass) and Norbert Moeslang (reeds) who make music with broken objects found in garbage cans (with a peculiar passion for electronic devices such as radios and calculators). The way these objects are played is often "random", meaning that the two "composers" introduce rules to let chance create the sounds that are then recorded.
Above average experimental instrospection, below perfection and way beyond imagination.
You should check this one for sure.

Artist: Voice Crack
Album: Below Beyond Above
Label: Uhlang Produktion
Format: CD, Album
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Abstract, Free Improvisation, Experimental
Credits: Artwork By - Alex Hanimann
Artwork By [Coverdesign] - Tabea Guhl
Electronics [Cracked Everyday Electronics], Music By - Andy Guhl , Norbert Möslang
Mixed By - Voice Crack
Recorded By - Pierre Bendel
Notes: Recorded at Zack Studio, St. Gallen, Switzerland Oct. 6, 1997.

1 Without Black (7:23)
2 With A Hint Of Yellow (10:12)
3 Without Green (6:02)
4 Without A Touch Of Red (7:38)
5 Without Blue (4:13)
6 With A Shot Of Pink (6:26)


Voice Crack - Below Beyond and Above (Rapidshare Link)

Voice Crack - Below Beyond and Above
(Mediafire Link)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I very recently found out about Voice Crack and am enjoying getting to know their various releases. Many are ripped at a very low bitrate, so I appreciate this one being higher quality!

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