Thursday, July 17, 2008

NON - Children of the Black Sun

On the eighth full-length album under the guise NON, Boyd Rice has created something that falls on the border of beautiful and just plain scary. Children Of The Black Sun is as bleak as the title suggests. As frightening as most classic horror film soundtracks, NON produces a perfect audio underworld for horrific creatures like vampires, demons and ghouls. A more perfect soundtrack for Nosferatu could not be imagined.

Falling somewhere between David Lynch and Anne Rice, Children Of The Black Sun is a continuous mix of black noise. The failure to break between the seven tracks makes it even more unsettling because the listener never gains a moment of silence. It doesn't help as well, when he mixes in the sound of fires burning (envision hell) and angels singing on "The Fountain Of Fortune", as well as the voice of the creepiest man on earth on "Son Of The Sun".

Children Of The Black Sun is extremely unnerving to listen to in one sitting, but saying that just proves how effective the atmosphere Rice has created is.

Artist: NON
Album: Children of the Black Sun
Label: Mute U.S.
Format: LP
Country: USA
Released: August 20, 2002
Genre: Industrial
Style: Industrial, Noise, Dark Ambient, Neo Folk


1. Arka
2. Black Sun
3. Serpent Of The Heavens
4. Serpent Of The Abyss
5. The Underground Stream
6. The Fountain Of Fortune
7. Son Of The Sun

NON - Children of the Black Sun

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