Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Henry Cow - Legend

Legend is the Astonishing debut from the English Progressive Avant Garde musicians, Henry Cow. This is Henry Cow's most accessible effort, and is probably the best place for newcomers to start.They drew on a whole range of influences, from rock to contemporary classical to free jazz and beyond. This is their jazziest album, a feeling reinforced by the twin saxes of Geoff Leigh. The album is surrounded by a sheer beauty, a very calm atmosphere with some little surprises that will keep you in the edge of your chair/bed. Every bar of music is crammed with ideas, nobody coasts and there is little superfluous material.This album is essential for any Avant Garde lover, or if you like Krautrock bands like Amon Duul, Can etc. this is definitely your cup of tea.

Artist: Henry Cow
Album: Legend
Label: East Side Digital
Format: CD
Country: UK
Genre: RIO/Avant-Garde Prog
Style: Free Jazz, Art Rock, Prog Rock

Henry Cow - Legend (Mediafire Link)

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Elliot Knapp said...

Classic album--they really sprang forth fully-formed on this one. Just reviewed it on my music blog.